** Due to COVID-19, all Existing Memberships are Extended through 2021 **

Volunteers welcome for the 2020 / 2021 membership year

Fellow Newcomers & Neighbors of the Andovers,

We hope this message finds you and your families in good health and happy spirits. It has been an unpredictable year, and we wanted to reach out with an update regarding club events as we close out our membership year and shed some light on what our different groups can expect moving forward. We thank you all for your patience these last few months, as everyone adjusted to a new way of normal.  In light of the current events and unpredictable nature of these last few months, we wanted to let you know that your existing membership will carry over into the new year starting again in September of 2020. There will be no action required on your part, and our event coordinators are working together to determine how to proceed in the fall to maintain the safety and comfort level for all of our community members. As the State continues to move forward with their guidelines for encouraging safe gatherings, we look forward to planning events and being able to see all of our Newcomers & Neighbor friends soon. 

For those who are looking to be added to our membership roster, and would like to be a part of our communications moving forward, please click on the link here, and we look forward to seeing you once our community returns back to its normal operating functionality.

Your Newcomers & Neighbors Board

The Newcomers & Neighbors Club of The Andovers is a non-profit organization that provides social events and activities for residents of Andover and North Andover.

Joining Newcomers & Neighbors of The Andovers is a wonderful way to meet new people, get involved in the community, create special memories and build lasting friendships.

You don't have to be new to join Newcomers and Neighbors of The Andovers! Over one third of our club has lived in the area for 10 years or more. Whether you have lived in one of the Andovers for a few months or many years...all you need is the desire to meet new friends.

There are many member activities, which meet regularly throughout the season, including:

Bon Appetit
Book Club
Community Service
Couples Night Out
Empty Nesters
Friendship Circle
Ladies Night Out
Moms & Tots
Participation in local charity road races


Know someone that just moved to town?

Invite a neighbor or friend to join the club.
All prospective members are eligible and encouraged to attend 
one of our monthly events to try out the club.

Email Katie Carbone for more information


Make friends 

Get involved 
Have fun!


Newcomers and Neighbors
 Needs Volunteers

*Vice President
*Website Coordinator
*Family Party Planner
*LNO Coordinator
*CNO Coordinator
*Publicity/Community Service Chairperson