Online Payment

Membership is open to all new and established residents of the towns of Andover and North Andover.

Annual Dues:  $35 per family for Newcomers & Neighbors (($15 if joining after January 31st and before
April 30th*

Moms & Tots:  an annual fee of $25 IN ADDITION to the Annual Dues for a yearly total of $60 per
family ($10 if joining Moms & Tots after January 31st but before April 30th and you have already paid
the Annual Dues for the current year. If you are joining both Newcomers & Neighbors and Moms & Tots
for the first time between January 31st and April 30th please pay both the reduced Annual Dues and
Moms & Tots fees.*)

*Members joining between May 1st and June 30th of the current year will pay the full annual dues for
the following club year. This allows participation in the current year's activities as well as the next year.

Conveniently process payment on-line using one of the weeks below:

Please choose one of the following links if you are renewing your dues or are new to Newcomers & Neighbors:

Please use one of the following links only if you have already paid the Annual Dues for the current year and
wish to add membership to Moms & Tots:

Don't forget to fill out the Membership Form!  Upon receipt of both your Membership Form and payment, you will be enrolled in Newcomers & Neighbors of The Andovers!  Be on the lookout for your welcome email!

Questions: Contact Heather Nichols at