Bon Appetit

Do you love wonderful food?

Do you enjoy cooking and creating different dishes and gathering with friends to enjoy new creations?

Members of the group can join as a regular or substitute member to attend the monthly lunches. Regular members commit to attending each monthly luncheon from October to June and agree to host one luncheon. We target at least eight regular members and an unlimited number of substitute members. Should we have more interest for regular members, we will expand to having two houses of eight each month. Our group does have great flexibility to accommodate whatever the Bon Appétit members decide and larger numbers.

The Hostess provides her home and beverages and sends her guests their recipes from which they will prepare the entree, dessert (or whatever) to bring on the day of Bon Appétit. On that date, we bring our designated food to enjoy and socialize. It really is a great group of women who share the love of good food.

The Bon Appetite motto: "One cannot think well, love well, and sleep well, if one has not dined well." ~Virginia Wolf

Please contact Mary McKenzie or Adrienne LeBrun for more information or to join as a regular or substitute, at