Book Club

Meets first Monday

of every month

Welcome to the Newcomers and Neighbors Book Club!

If you like to read or are looking for a night out with some adult conversation you may be interested in trying out this group; here is a little about how we operate.

Contact Book Club Coordinator for more information:

Joan Handstad:

  • We meet once a month, on the first Monday of each month; unless it falls on a holiday. We meet every month except August, and we read a book each month except October, December, and August.

  • We meet at member's houses starting at 7:30, we ask that everyone bring something to share, an appetizer, a dessert, a bottle of wine or another beverage. You will be asked to notify the host in advance so we don't end up with only brownies! The first 30 to 45 minutes are social time and then we start our book discussion. We are usually finished by 9:30; rarely do we go till 10.

  • In October we do book selection. This year's selections are due by October 3rd. Our members make recommendations, we vote on the recommended books and the nine top vote getters will become our choices. We do pick books for the entire year then, however we can and do change books if something new and exciting comes out (or we learn one of the books we picked is a real stinker).

  • The person who recommends the book becomes the discussion leader. If you haven’t led a book group discussion there are websites to help you and often the books have questions for book groups at the end of the books. If you find you are unable to attend the meeting you are scheduled to lead you will need to find someone to fill in for you.

  • In October we also select hosts for each month that we meet, if you find that you can't host the month you signed up for you will need to find a replacement. Members are good about switching months when needed.

  • In December we have a Holiday get together and Yankee Swap. Unlike other Yankee Swaps we swap books! It's always fun to see what new books are out and add to our libraries, or even get one of the books we will be reading in the New Year.


Book Club Coordinator: Joan Handstad:

We look forward to seeing/meeting you!

2016 -2017 Book Selections




Sept. 12 Americanah Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Oct. 3 Book Selections