Friendship Circle

Pay it forward!Has someone ever helped you and your family out after a new arrival or an operation? Now it is your turn to "Pay It Forward" and join the friendship circle. Last year this group provided club families with more than 20 meals. Members of the friendship circle receive an email when meals and snacks are needed and volunteer if they have time. Please consider joining this group as the more volunteers we have the more families we can help.

Do you enjoy helping your neighbors?

Then join the Friendship Circle and help the families of Newcomers and Neighbors in a time of need. The Friendship Circle is a group of members who deliver meals or goodies to N&N families when there are new arrivals, illnesses or surgeries, etc.

This is a great opportunity to get involved in the club, meet new people, and support your community without much of a time commitment! Meals are organized by the coordinator by email and member volunteers help out when they can.

Please contact Crystal Kneeland at to join us! Thank you!

Could you use the help of your neighbors?

Just a reminder that if you've recently had a baby or a surgery and need your neighbors to help you with meals, do not hesitate to contact Crystal Kneeland at We LOVE supporting our friends and neighbors, so please don't be shy about requesting a few yummy meals. Every little bit helps. Plus, you never know... you might return the favor some day soon.